How Money Talks in The World Of Instagram

How Money Talks in The World Of Instagram

They say that there is no substitute for hard work but when it comes to a website such as Instagram, this simply is not the case. In fact, there are many people across the Instagram world who are turning themselves in to minor celebrities or profitable businesses not because of the blood, sweat and tears that they are putting into their Instagram profile, but rather than Greenbacks which they are happy to part with in order to create success, and power to them! If you want to find fame or greater exposure on Instagram an you are happy to part with your money for it, here are some of the ways that you can make it happen.

Followers and Likes

You can buy straight up followers and automatic Instagram likes which can significantly boost your profile and your levels of engagement. You must be careful if you venture down this route however as there are many people who sell fake profiles with which they will follow you with, this may help your overall number of followers but you won’t get any engagement or interaction from your new ‘friends’.

Private Planes

You don’t have to look for very long on Instagram before you spot a dapper gentleman, dressed up to the nines, posting shots from his private plane. Whilst I am not suggesting that there aren’t any people on Instagram who own private planes and like to make the rest of the world pretty envious, many of these profiles are something quite different. Private plane companies will often offer return leg journeys from wherever they are taking their client – who actually has the financial power to buy a ticket – and they will offer these at significantly cut prices. Fame hungry Instgrammers will jump at the chance to go to a random location so that they can get that perfect shot!

Girls and Cars

Dan Bilzerian has become the poster boy for Instagrammers who fill their profiles up with scantily clad girls and flash cars, the unfortunate truth behind these scenes however is that the rental company is just out of shot. We have seen reports of social media users paying for 1 hour hires of these incredibles sports cars, and not even switching the engine on. When it comes to the women, there are plenty of beautiful girls who would love nothing more than picking up a paycheck for taking a few photos next to whoever is willing to pay. Even poster boy Bilzerian has admitted that his ladies are on the payroll.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing heavily into your Instagram profile such as this, after all how is it any different from paying a professional cameraman to take your shots? The question however, comes down to what reward you get for your investment and usually, the returns are pretty flimsy. If you have the cash however, then why not invest it in ramping up your Insta profile!

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