How to listen and receive WhatsApp voice messages


For over 18 months now, WhatsApp has bolstered voice informing messages – yet we are regardless all messaging each other. Is it accurate to say that this is the 00’s? In a world loaded with voice orders and virtual collaborators incorporated with our phones, why do despite everything we write out our messages? Is it through an absence of knowing how to utilize the component? All things considered, I’m here to clear all that up for you. click here for best whatsapp status.

Step by step instructions to sending voice messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s voice messaging highlight is right around a wondrous thing. It’s a really clear procedure to send a voice message and is helpful in circumstances where you have a ton to say yet would prefer not to burn through 5 minutes writing. You should simply open a discussion with a companion then tap and hold the Microphone symbol in the base right hand corner. Your message will be recorded and when you’re set talking, simply let go of the catch and it’ll be sent. Can’t see the voice message symbol? Ensure there’s no content in the message field since when you begin to sort, the symbol vanishes.


What happens on the off chance that you botch up the message? Well the folks at WhatsApp attention about that as well; on the off chance that you need to stop the recording, you should simply slide your finger to one side and the recording will be erased.

WhatsApp as of late included the quite invited (or feared, contingent upon your supposition) read receipts, well known on other informing applications like iMessage or Blackberry Messenger. The read receipt is additionally accessible for voice messages – the symbol will initally be green when you send a voice message however once a companion has listened to it, the symbol will turn blue. Nice and straightforward.

Steps to listen received voice messages on WhatsApp

Listening to a got a voice message on WhatsApp is as simple as 1, 2, 3. When you get a voice message, just press the play catch to tune in. Naturally, it’ll turn out through your speakerphone yet in the event that, similar to me, you despise individuals listening to your voice messages then you can lift the phone to your ear and it’ll play through the recipient, similar to a typical phone call. Once you’ve listened to the message, the green symbol will swing blue to tell you that you’ve listened to it.


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