How to Turn on Post Notifications on Instagram


Turn on Instagram Notifications: Instagram is a social networking campaign which is based on the followers or friends. On this platform you follow people and get latest updates of from the people you are following. When you login and open your profile then you will find your Username and profile pic at the top of your profile page. Not only this but your profile will show how many followers you have in your account, how may photo you have updated, how many people are following you and so on. If you are following someone, their pics also showed up on your profile stream. You may like and comment if you like them. People also may ask questions about the photo they like such as “What application you use for that?” or “Where was this taken?” Once you are in Instagram, you will find that it’s a user friendly community.

How to Turn on Post Notifications on Instagram


However, Instagram has just been around for barely three months, you’ve probably known about it, if not utilized it. For those of you in the previous category, we have compiled an overview about what it is actually and why I believe it?. It’s an image sharing application which is also available for iPhone’s. But its recently available for Android and Blackberry users. One of the main reason of that is the Camera quality of iPhone is far better than other mobile phones. So individuals are now taking loads of awesome pictures with their phones, why not attempt to make them all the more fascinating? The Instagram organization has reported that they are going to make some changes in algorithm. Most of the devoted users of Instagram are totally upset about the step because they consider that their posts and images will be disappear from their wall.

Here we are going to describe hot to enable post notification on Instagram. So stay connected to know step by step process of how to turn on Post Notification in Instagram.

Turn On Post Notifications in Instagram

  1. To Turn On Post Notifications in Instagram first you must make sure that you have iPhone or Android where you want to do this.
  2. Install Instagram app on your Smartphone.
  3. Open a user profile of someone whose notifications you wish to receive. By doing this you will get update of them whenever they will post something.
  4. Click on the small ‘three dots’ button which is at the top right corner and click on ‘Turn On Post Notifications.
  5. Apart from that alternatively, you may also open up any post you want, click on ‘three dots’ and click on ‘Turn on Post Notifications.’

Congratulations! Your notification will be on.

Watch below video: How to Turn OFF/On Instagram Notifications

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